The Elysium Experience

We know that renovation or new construction can be a stressful time for the homeowner. That’s why we make every effort to ease the process through meticulous planning, constant time and cost monitoring, and regular client updates from predesign to celebrating completion.


It all starts with your free consultation where we assess the scope and estimate the cost to complete your home project. Depending on where you are in the planning process at this point, we connect with your architect or we can assist in your architect selection. From here, if acceptable to all parties,  we move forward to support planning, and obtaining regulatory approvals and permits.


Before we can start on any actual building, we ensure the integrity of the property and lay out a timeline. During this phase, we plan thorough master schedule that includes constructability reviews, engineering studies, long-lead material identification, and document coordination to stay in line with estimated time and budget. We also connect with your architect and bank to confirm alignment of our plans, budget, and materials.


Now for the fun part! Once we have the schedule and construction plan laid out, we can start building. Throughout this phase, we continually monitor costs and inspect for quality assurance. We check-in regularly with our clients at every step of the way with detailed invoices and change orders and maintain an open line of communication.

4) Post Construction

Time to celebrate! Once the final inspection is approved for your new home, we stick around to provide any general information assistance you may need. To ensure you love your new home, we always follow-up to facilitate any last second alterations that may arise. Finally, we can also help develop a maintenance plan for your home and landscaping.

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